Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Blogs in Web Studio?

We have had quite a few customers asking when Web Studio will have Blogs built in as a drag and drop feature.

A hint at the answer would be the fact that we're using Blogger.com for our blog....we won't be adding Blogs to Web Studio.

We got interested in adding a blog feature when we saw an "un-named" competitor added blogs to their latest version. We actually designed a pretty cool blog system that was drag and drop and basically as simple as everything in Web Studio.

However, a discussion with someone outside the company brought us to our senses!

We have a great web design program. Google has a great blogging program. Should we spend our resources trying to one-up Google's Blogger.com, or should we spend our time improving Web Studio's other great features?

The facts behind the simple answer is Google has a team of people improving and inovating their blog system. It is an entire product for them. For us it would be one feature among hundreds of others. The cost of keeping up with Google for that one feature would be at the expense of all the other hundreds of features.

So, we realized it didn't make sense to add a feature that deserved to be a product all on its own.
There won't be a blog feature in Web Studio.

But we can point you to a really great blog program, Blogger.com!

We think this is much better solution for our customers!

P.S. You can host the blog on your website if you like. That way you can have your own URL to your blog. Blogger.com suports this. We use it for our blog. It is hosted right on our website, but we use Blogger.com' s site to create, edit, and upload the blog.

More on Videos on a Website

In an earlier post I talked about our recent experience with videos on our website.

We ran across an article by Andrew Johnson about the experiences of one, Brendon Sinclair, and his videos. Brendon shared some numbers which are most interesting!

In a nutshell, he found replacing the text describing his products on his site with videos describing his products resulting in a 4-fold increase in sales. Quadrupled sales with a video!

Take a look at the articles: